Precise IT Services

LOCAL IT SUPPORT to businesses, using software to enable a proactive approach to managing business systems allowing remote monitoring and management of desktop computers, servers, mobile devices, networks and cloud services.

Would you like your business to have the peace-of-mind of having dedicated and prioritized IT support 24/7, provided by a LOCAL IT business that's been successfully supporting the Tweed Valley since 1997?

For as little as $44/month, we can remotely monitor and manage your computers' hardware and software checking the computer is working correctly or showing signs of failure.

We are PROactive rather than REactive to your computer issues, which means we almost always are able to fix your IT issues before they cause catastrophic failures eg.

This means less down-time for your computer, your staff, and you.

With Datto we can backup your server to local and cloud storage and should your server fail we can get you back up and running with a virtual server in minutes.

Downtime after Server Failure

One day your server will fail, the question is... Are you prepaired?

DATTO Hybrid Backups
Sometimes minutes
Standard Backups
Sometimes Hours

Remote Desktop Support

Call and our friendly, experienced, efficient helpdesk staff will give you the support you need to work through often frustrating computer problems.

Simply create a ticket using the desktop software provided or visiting the portal and we will be able to remotely answer questions, fix problems and install required software.

Tickets can also be created via email and phone, so if your computer's not up and running we can get you back on track.

We Support Windows, Apple, Linux, Virtual Machines, Windows and Linux Servers, Android.

Remote Monitoring

We can remotely monitor your business' desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices across operating systems and platforms.
We can manage and secure smartphones and tablets.
Our reporting means you can view details on just about any problems that may arise.


Network Monitoring

We monitor your network devices, including switches, routers, firewalls, and more, to ensure everything is running smoothly to avoid those network related headaches.
We can discover and onboard devices as they come on your networks reducing setup time.
Monitor your network's performance and infrastructure to ensure you always have the fastest rout.

Managed Antivirus

Keep your enterprise safe against sophisticated cyber-threats with a unified prevention, detection,
response and hardening platform across endpoint, network and cloud.

Using advanced behavior-based technologies, Bitdefender scores best in detecting threats in independent trials. Demonstrated GravityZone leading protection and performance help you minimize the risks of a security breach that could impact your business or slow down employees' systems.

  • Hardware

    We can check and monitor your:

    • storage
    • memory
    • network
    • printers
  • Software

    We can check and monitor your:

    • windows updates
    • antivirus updates
    • browser updates
    • runtime updates
    • driver updates
    • backup solutions
  • Network devices

    We can check and monitor your:

    • Network Printers
    • Routers
    • Switches
    • Modems
    • Access Points
    • Traffic
    • VPN's
    • routes
  • Cloud

    We can check and monitor your:

    • Emails
    • Email Backups
    • Computer Backups
    • Document Backups
    • Office 365 subscriptions
    • Office 365 users and groups
    • Azure active directory Sync Status
    • Virtual Machines
    • Websites
    • Domains

Standard Monitoring


Includes - Antivirus, Patch Management, Risk Assesments, Backup Management, Hardware Monitoring, Limited Network Monitoring

Standard Support plan


Includes - Antivirus, Patch Management, Risk Assesments, Backup Management, Hardware Monitoring, Limited Network Monitoring, Remote Support

Patch Management

Windows and software updates often are missed or delayed due to a lack of user knowlage and poor update schedules. We can manage when your updates are done and rechedule them accordingly if they are missed. Meaning you wont have computers that are years out of date reducing risk of attack from malware and increasing stability.

As a business we understand that sometimes you only want security updates as feature updates can sometimes affect performance. We have the ability to pick and choose which updates you recieve.

Fine-tune your patch management policies to prevent cyberattacks and optimize system performance.

Backup Management

Our flexible backup solution gives you a wide range of choices. From portable, local, external and cloud backup options were able to make sure your backups are being done on-time everytime.

We have sophisticated software that can make a full system image of your computer and update any changes as they happen as often as you like.

These backups can then be booted as a virtual machine in case of system failure meaning you will be down for as little time as possible.

Our automated systems boots up each backup to make sure they work, submits a screenshot and reports to us to let us know it works. Reducing costs as no manual testing of backup is requireed to ensure they are working.

Data Management

Data Management is important these days, with so many ways for data to be breached and the cost related to data breaches. It's important to know how vulnerable your data is and where its vulnerable.

Our Risk assessment scans every email, document and backup for potential data loss. If you store credit cards for customers or your business and that information is leaked that can be a terrible blow for your business.

Our Risk assesment scans can give you realtime results on over five million computers in your organisation. So you know where risks are and provides a monitary value of how much a leak of that data could cost you.

Cloud Services

Office 365

We support all office 365 products including Office, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, Skype, Teams, OneNote.


we support a large number of azure services and active directory management.


Software as a service is becomming more important by the year.

Amazon AWS

Route 53, EC2, Elasitc Beanstalk, S3 Bucket, we support this and much more. So if your after a cloud service for your website, database, domains, data storage and backups we have you covered.

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