A Few Changes Have Been Made…

Well things are getting back to ‘normal’ now that many changes have been made here at Precise PCs over the last 6 months:

* Drew, who has been one of our Senior Technicians and Customer Service people for approximately 17 years, has moved to Brisbane and thus, has left us.

  • Kallum, who moved down from Brisbane 1.5 years ago to be one of our main Customer Service people, has also moved back to Brisbane to be back with his family.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Drew and Kal for all they did for Precise PCs during their time with us, and we wish them both well in their futures.

We would like to welcome two new employees into Precise PCs’ team – Martin and Chris. They have been with us since around May (2014) and have settled in nicely, both loving what they do (mostly Customer Service and minor technical jobs).ea4493_fbb33bd804dd4d24971a5c65862c9209

Karen has re-joined Stewart at Precise PCs full-time (mostly Marketing and Office). Over the last 6 months or so she’s been very distracted by their wedding plans, however since marrying in June 2014 (after being together for 4 years) and having a very-much-needed two weeks off…it’s all-hands-on-deck once more for both Stewart and Karen.

During all of these changes, Kyle has kept things running smoothly as our ‘acting manager’ in Stew’s absence, whilst still being the Senior Technician as well. He’s done an awesome job – thanks Kyle!

So thank you for your patience.                         It is greatly appreciated.

                                        From Stewart, Karen and the Team.

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