LAN NIGHT – 21/02/15 – Zelda Night

Lan Night – Zelda Night

Famicom Disk System

To celebrate the release of “The Legend of Zelda” in 1986 which was released in Japan on the Famicom Disk System.

This LAN night will be Multi-Player Minecraft – Zelda Map

What to Bring:

  • Desktop/Notebook
  • Headphones
  • Keyboard/Mouse
  • Monitor

What to have installed BEFORE Lan:


  • $5 Per Head
  • Spectators – Free
  • Drinks $2
  • Chocolates $2
  • Chips $3
  • Hire Computer $10 (3 Available)

Other Details:

  • Lan starts at 6PM

  • Byo food and drinks (No Alcohol)
  • We all go grab Dinner from Dominoes or KFC at around 7:30PM
  • We Finnish up at roughly Midnight
  • You can Hire a computer for the
  • For anyone not interested in the main game, Great your not the only one. Ask around to see what others are playing.

Please Call Martin on 0266728300 or Email for more information.