Lan Night – 30-1-2016


Our LAN (Computer Gaming) Nights are doing extremely well…growing almost every time – especially with the Juniors! And it’s wonderful to be able to offer a safe and fun place for our youth to go. 



What we are planning thought, is that future LAN nights will be split into 2 sessions – Juniors can arrive from 2.30pm and their session will end at 6.30pm. Then the adults can start their session…although they’re able to join with the Juniors if they’d like (with appropriate behaviour of course).12650947_1022095064509756_7803129729642215678_n

Juniors will be from 9 years of age, to 17. Adults are from 18 years of age (or otherwise at Precise PCs’ discretion). This will make it easier for staff to set-up for the night (it takes hours), and it gives each age group and opportunity to enjoy their session with their own peers.12592245_1022095111176418_4929212254291256581_n

We will require contact details for parents/guardians of Juniors left in our care…parents/guardians must be contactable at all times by us.

12650781_1022095151176414_6745561312692352812_nREMINDER…we have limited numbers of hire computers ($15 per computer), so people need to book hire computers if they wish to use them – sorry, but if you don’t book, you run the risk of missing out.

Tonight’s LAN night was a little bit more special than usual – Tabitha made and brought in two very yummy frozen cheesecakes and we all sang Happy (belated) Birthday to Jackson (16) and Kyle (24) – THANKS TABITHA (and thanks for helping organise it all Martin)!

Looking forward to the next LAN night!