LEC Tech Cast Ep3


Hi im Jeremy from leading edge computers and on this episode of the LEC TechCast were going to have a look at the Belken USB Surge Protectors.

Did you know you should have a surge protector on any electrical device you own.
Its amazing how many devices are damaged each that could have been saved with a cheap but effective surge protector.

A good surge protector will extend the life of your electronics and even go as far as protecting your data from being lost. Which can happen when a computer is suddenly switched off mid operation because the power supply has been hit by a surge.

Now each of the Belken surge protectors feature Dual USB Ports Which allow you to charge your phone, tablet and other USB devices instead of having to plug in another charger into the power-board.


The surge protectors are available in one, two, four, six and eight port configurations, giving you a choice of which board is needed for the number of devices.

The Single port is great for a refrigerator or washing machine where the multi ports like this eight way board is excellent for protecting devices in the one area like your pc equipment in the study or your home theater in your living area.


All of the multi-port surge protectors come with a two meter power cable so you have room to position it in a convenient location thats close to your devices power plugs.

Belken also include their connected equipment warranty on selected surge protection devices ranging from $15,000 to $50,000 depending on the surge device you purchase this means that Belkin will repair or replace electronic devices that is damaged by an electrical charge while properly connected to the surge protector up to the amount for that device including the amount for the surge protector.

Terms and conditions do apply so if you want more information visit belkin.com/serge/cew

At the end of the day its cheaper to buy a decent serge protector than it is to replace a notebook or router so if you don’t have any serge protection head into any leading edge computer store where thier friendly staff can help you with the right advice on which surge protector will be suitable for your needs.

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I’m Jeremy from leading edge computers and thanks for watching this episode of leading edge tech cast.