LEC TechCast EP2 – Solid State Hard Drives (SSD's)

Hi i’m Jeremy from Leading Edge computers and on this episode were going to demystify Solid State Drives or as we refer to them in store SSDs.

In the last few years SSDs have been making inroads into the PC market, but what is an SSD?

Now without getting too technical a standard Hard Drive works by moving a mechanical arm with a read/write head around the drive to get information from the right location.

The SSD on the other hand does not have a mechanical arm to read and write data instead it relies on the internal controller to perform a bunch of operations related to reading and writing.

Because they have no moving parts like you would find in a normal Hard Drive they can access data almost instantly anywhere on the disk, they are also super silent when in use as a result of no moving parts and best of all the power consumption of an SSD is 30-60% less than traditional parts.

So is it worth upgrading? Yes.

Not only will your computer boot and start allot quicker you’ll also notice a huge performance increase in how quickly your PC or Notebook opens and runs programs.

So lets see how quickly each one can boot up….

Now as you’ll see the one with the SSD is just about ready at the login screen, its slow friend here will be ready in about 30-40 seconds if were lucky.

Now a common question we get asked all the time is what to do with the old mechanical drive.
The good news is they can be used as an external HDD for storage and backup, all you need is a caddie like this one from Amicroe for the drive to sit in and you have a handy external backup drive like this.

So if your sick of your PC or Notebook acting like the garden snail and being just slow at everything then consider upgrading to an SSD and get faster access and superior performance.

You can visit any Leading Edge computer store and talk to the friendly staff about which SSD solution will be right for your hardware.
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I’m Jeremy from Leading Edge Computers and thanks for watching this episode of LEC Techcast.