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Netgear Arlo

Hi, I’m Jeremy from Leading Edge Computers and today on the LEC Techcast were going to have a quick look at the Netgear Arlo smart home security system.

The Arlo is one hundred percent wire free, weather proof, high-definition security system that’s easy to setup and easy to use.

Its available in a single or twin camera pack and includes everything to get you started.

Setup is really easy and shouldn’t take longer than ten minutes.

The base station connects to your router, from there you can access the new system setup from a smartphone, tablet or via a browser on your computer.

The cameras are a 720P High-Defenition camera and have a 110 field of view and motion detection which works really well and saves on battery power. Each camera also comes with night vision allowing you to monitor in the dark without the need for additional lighting.

Now one thing you will notice about these cameras is that they are completely wireless which means you can install them anywhere. They have been designed to be used outdoors in both wet and dry conditions. Meaning your not limited to where you place your camera and what you want to monitor.

Each Camera has a magnetic backing so you can mount it to the included magnetic mount or to another magnetic surface.

The Arlo Mobile app gives you total control when and how often you hear from Arlo, it will alert you when motion has been detected and you can preset the camera to record up to 2 minutes of footage when activated by motion. This footage is saved directly to the cloud allowing you to view save or share recordings made in the last 7 days.

So if your looking for a security system for monitoring whats going on in and around your home night or day, inside or out then the Netgear Arlo ticks all the boxes.

Thanks for watching and for more information head into a Leading Edge computer store where one of their friendly staff can help you out.

I’m Jeremy from Leading Edge Computers and thanks for watching this episode of the LEC Techcast.


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