Managed Backups (old)

Server Backup

Server Backup is designed to protect your servers, virtual servers, and critical applications from a single cloud-based console.

The system's at-a-glance status is built to help you spend less time monitoring and more time managing your business. Our unique LocalSpeedVault™ can help you deliver against tight RTOs without the complexity or expense of appliance-based solutions. Pricing is simple and based on devices. 

Workstation Backup

Workstation data loss can mean days of downtime and additional costs to re-create information or re-install utilities.

Workstation Backup is built to protect entire workstations to help you reduce downtime. The central dashboard provides site-wide deployment, statuses, and alerts to keep you informed. Our device-based pricing is designed to simplify budgeting while offering affordable protection.

Documents Backup

Documents Backup is built to protect locally stored business documents and reduce the cost and complexity of backing up an organization's PCs. 

Backup is designed for affordability, easy deployment, and automated backups. With cloud-based, self-service recovery, your users can recover key documents at almost any time. 

Backup for Office 365

Office365 Backup is designed to help you protect Office 365 users from Exchange and OneDrive data loss.

If users accidentally (or purposely) delete emails, contacts, calendars, or OneDrive documents, Backup for Office 365 helps you restore this data as needed. And you can do it from the same web-based dashboard you use to protect servers, workstations, and critical business documents.

Faster Backups and Restores

Our Backup is designed to optimize cloud-based backup and recovery and reduce maintenance windows.

Bare Metal Recovery

Our Backup can help you restore from bare-metal images in minutes.

Virtual Disaster Recovery

Our Backup helps you prepare for almost anything with automated system restores to Hyper-V or VMware.

Security Focused Storage

Our Backup is designed to provide safer, more secure storage.

Backup Archiving

Archiving that stores your backups long-term beyond variable retention periods.

Allow Precise IT Services to be PROactive not REactive for you, so you can continue working with peace-of-mind.