Managed Document Backups


Backup solutions are vitally important for every business.

We offer PROactive document only backup solution which will backup twice per day and keep those backups for 28 days.

This provides a low cost backup solution that will protect you against ransomware(cryptolockers) and accidental deletion.


Documents Backup is built to protect locally stored business documents and reduce the cost and complexity of backing up an organization's PCs.

Backup is designed for affordability, easy deployment, and automated backups. With cloud-based, self-service recovery, your users can recover key documents at almost any time.

This includes

  • Affordable Backup

    SolarWinds Backup Documents is our lowest priced data protection offering, designed to provide a lightweight "insurance policy" against document loss.

  • Automatic Deployment

    Backup Documents can be deployed to each workstation automatically with no configuration required.

  • Document Discovery

    Backup Documents is engineered to automatically find business documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing files wherever they are stored on a local hard drive.

  • Automatic Daily Backups

    Documents are backed up twice a day automatically.

  • 28 Days of Insurance

    Documents are held for 28 days. You can choose from 56 different backup versions if a recovery is needed.

  • End User Self-Service

    Users can log in to search and select the backup documents they need to recover without involving technical staff.

Allow Precise IT Services to be PROactive not REactive for you, so you can continue working with peace-of-mind.