Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Stewart is Precise PCs’ Owner/Manager.

  • Stewart is Precise PCs’ Owner/Manager and Co-Owner/Manager of Precise IT Services (partnered with his wife, Karen).

  • Stewart grew up in Melbourne…he left highschool after year 10.
  • Stewart was a Fitter Machinist for about 10 years.
  • 1988...Stewart moved to the Murwillumbah area and had a few years ‘off’.
  • 1994...Stewart completed his Year 12 equivalent "Tertiary Preparation Certificate".
  • 1995...Stewart took an IT course which was when he discovered ‘computers’ came naturally to him.
  • 1997...Stewart completed the first 5 units of a Bachelor of IT with Southern Cross University.
  • 1997...Stewart was given the opportunity to start Precise PCs (over 21yrs ago) with a business partner, sharing a small part of another shop’s space, in Murwillumbah Street.
  • 2014...Stewart married Karen who runs and works Precise PCs and Precise IT Services with him. Stewart is a very supportive ‘step father’ to Karen's 6 (now young-adult) children.
  • 2015…Following many shop-moves/improvements since 1997, we moved into our position opposite Sunnyside, and we continue to grow.
  • 2019…Precise PCs’ sister-business Precise IT Services (offering businesses dedicated IT support) was begun by Karen and Stewart.
  • Stewart's hobbies are cycling, going to the movies and going out for dinner with his lovely wife.


  • Karen is Precise PCs’ “Office Administrator & Marketing Manager”…and now is also a business partner with Stewart in Precise PCs’ sister-business – Precise IT Services.
  • Karen

    Karen was born in Brisbane…raised in a southern bayside suburb, and lived most of her adult life in the suburbs north of Brisbane.

  • Karen has 6 (now young-adult) kids.
  • Karen was a stay-at-home Mum for 20 years until about 10 years ago when she started her own small business in marketing and event planning.
  • 2010…Karen met Stewart.
  • 2012…Karen started working part time with Precise PCs.
  • 2014…Karen married Stewart after a 4 year “long distance” relationship commuting from Brisbane to Murwillumbah most weeks. Karen started working full time with Precise PCs.
  • 2015…Precise PCs relocated to our current position in town opposite Sunnyside, so Karen worked the retail section, being the first to greet customers…she loved building a rapport with them, however her role in marketing and running the back-end of Precise PCs continued to increase.
  • 2016…Karen worked Precise PCs ‘behind the scenes’, taking on staff management, marketing and general running-of-the-business roles.
  • 2017 and 2018 kept Karen extremely busy as she focused on creating new business partnerships with various companies, enabling us to provide many more products and services for our valued customers. Karen had a lot of fun stepping up her Social Media marketing and interacting with the community (and our Facebook followers) more with her “Guess the Object” competitions, enjoyed by all.
  • 2019…Precise PCs’ sister-business Precise IT Services (offering businesses dedicated IT support) was begun by Karen and Stewart, keeping Karen busier than ever…
  • Karen says “Apart from my family, my next passions are my horses, and music.”


  • Chris is Precise PCs’ awesome head technician, and Acting Manager when Stewart and Karen are away.

  • Chris is Precise PCs’ awesome head technician, and Acting Manager when Stewart and Karen are away.
  • Chris has a Certificate II in IT, a Certificate IV in Client Support and a Diploma in IT Systems Administration.
  • Chris has worked in the IT industry for over 14 years. He started in Internet Level 1 Support, progressed to Internet Fault Resolution before ending up in Level 2 Support, training new employees for many years. He later moved to Internal IT Support for Neumann Group, and was a Support.
  • Contractor for IBM and Department of Education NSW.
  • 2014…Chris became a very valuable team member of Precise PCs where he says “I try to be a jack of all trades”, however he has become our head technician with many and varied skills.
  • 2018…Chris became our OKI Printer authorized repairer, with more training options to come…...
  • Chris has lived in Murwillumbah all his life, so is one of our ‘locals’ who have seen many changes to the town over the decades.
  • In his spare time Chris enjoys relaxing with his mates and taking it easy.


  • Martin is one of our head technicians, but who is also the main ‘brain’ behind Precise PCs’ sister-business – Precise IT Services (offering businesses dedicated IT support).

  • Martin grew up in Townsville but has been a Murwillumbah local for 15 years.
  • Martin was a ‘sole trader’ working in I.T. ‘break-fixes’ for 10 years.
  • 2014…Martin became an important Precise PCs team member, becoming one of our head technicians. He runs our Gaming Nights and has a lot of varied knowledge that he utilises within Precise PCs and Precise IT Services.
  • 2019…Martin assisted Karen and Stewart in the creation of Precise IT over the last 2 years, culminating in its registration this year. Martin is our main Help Desk technician within Precise IT Services.
  • In his spare time, Martin enjoys looking after his 3 energetic young kids, playing video games and watching movies.


  • Lachlan is a Murwillumbah local, having lived here for 24 years.

  • Lachlan says “for as long as I can remember I’ve been the go-to guy when technology was misbehaving around me”.
  • 2016 Lachlan became a very important Precise PCs team member. He is known for being extremely friendly and helpful, and an absolute whizz with computers and mobile phones (and most devices).
  • Lachlan was initially interested in gaming PCs and performance desktops, however more recently he’s become interested in programming and coding.
  • In his spare time, Lachlan enjoys producing and performing music with bands.


  • Cailum grew up in the Lismore / Northern Rivers areas…he has lived in/around Murwillumbah for over 2 years.

  • 2017…Cailum’s start in IT was when he walked into our shop confidently, looking for “a job”. We were all extremely impressed with his mature, confident but friendly attitude and we happened to have an opening at the time for a Trainee…Cailum very soon became one of our valuable Precise PCs team members.
  • Cailum helped look after the retail section and became one of our customers’ favourite faces to greet them.
  • 2018…Cailum showed an aptitude and desire to do more technical work, so since Martin became busier with our Managed Services side of Precise PCs, Cailum became our Junior Technician, under Chris’ guidance. He also became our Authorised Brother Printer technician in 2018.
  • 2019…Cailum completed his Certificate III in I.T., and is about to attain his Tag and Testing Certificate, whilst working part time with us.
  • In his spare time, Cailum lists these as his favourite things to enjoy… “Music: Digital and acoustic, Outdoors stuff (Gardening, Motorbikes etc) Speaker refurbs, other electrical refurbs.”


  • Jay grew up primarily in Murwillumbah/Uki, and lived on the Gold Coast prior to that…he has lived in Mur’bah for 11 years.

  • Jay has completed a Diploma in Web Design, and has worked in IT for about 1 year in the Customer Service / Minor Repairs fields.
  • 2018…Jay was employed by us part time after we met him and were impressed by his Customer Service skills.
  • Jay has become a part of our valuable and much-loved retail team but also is a very talented graphic designer so assists where required in this area.
  • There will be future learning opportunities for Jay, so we’ll see where it takes him within Precise PCs…
  • In Jay’s spare time he likes to “make music and work on graphic designs”.




  • Was born in New Zealand.
  • Moved across the ditch 14 years ago and has been living in the Tweed area since.
  • Playing video games and looking at ways to improve how the game performs and looks sparked his interest in the world of IT, especially learning how to upgrade and make his own PC better.
  • 2019…it became evident that we needed a new part time team member to assist Lachlan and Jay in our retail section so we advertised locally for a Trainee. Jarrod was one of approximately 30 applications we received for the position, but he was the front-runner of suitable applicants, all the way through.
  • Jarrod is now a valuable member of our super-friendly and helpful retail team with, Lachlan and Jay.
  • Jarrod has begun his Certificate III in IT…there will be more learning opportunities for him in the future, too.
  • In Jarrod’s spare time he referees Rugby League for both the Senior and Junior competitions around the Northern Rivers area.