Precise Gaming Network

Precise Gaming Network

Welcome to Precise Gaming Network.

Precise Gaming Network was established in 2014 with its main purpose being a Battlefield 4 clan site. Unfortunately with an increase in the cost of running the servers and Dice constantly changing things in game, most of the members lost interest in Battlefield 4 and stopped playing so we cancelled the servers.

Lately our new Ark: Survival Evolved Servers have been populated by staff members at Precise PCs and members of the Gaming/Lan night community. New members are welcome to jump on and have fun there is a Teamspeak 3 server available as well.

If you have found yourself here at Precise Gaming Network you can also post stuff about your favorite games, add links to sites for walkthroughs or post fixes for the never ending problems that go with PC games. If you have any inquiries in regards to this website, servers or suggestions, you can ask on the forums or if you have a private matter you can send a private message on the contact us page. Please Register and login to access the features of this site

 Servers List:
  • Ark: Survival Evolved Servers (Password Protected – Sign Up on Forums For Password)Ark - Survival Evolved
  • Teamspeak 3
  • More to come in the future

Its All About Games.

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