Remote Management

Last year saw the devastating effects of Cyclone Debbie within our community. Many local businesses had been left to pick up the pieces when their computer systems were fully or even partially submerged in flood water, and valuable data was lost.

We have also seen internationally and locally, that viruses are getting more prevalent and much more dangerous. Many of our customers’ businesses have lost thousands of dollars, due to being hit by viruses.

In general, many business customers suffer large losses in productivity (and thus profit) due to down-time when their computers fail. Whether it be a software or hardware failure, work is then required after the failure has occurred, which is referred to as a “break-fix”. However most of these problems are avoidable if managed correctly.

Here at Precise PCs we’re committed to making sure that our customers have peace of mind and security when it comes to their critical business activity, so we have invested in a proactive solution that can be tailored to any business, large or small.

Precise PCs is happy to announce that we can now offer a fully managed support package for your business, including any or all of the following services…

Fully Managed Anti-Virus
• One of the best enterprise anti-viral solutions available
• We’ll make sure that your antivirus is up to date and that your system is fully scanned at all times.
• We’ll send you a report fortnightly or monthly to let you know how your system is running and you won’t hear about it otherwise.
• No annoying pop-ups or notifications from your antivirus.

System Monitoring & Remote Maintenance
• Minimise loss of productivity by making sure your software is all up to date and that your computers are running at maximum performance.
• We will be instantly notified if any problems arise and can offer remote assistance for most problems, minimising any down-time so that you can return to your usual schedule sooner.

Secure Smart Backups
• Having a working backup is absolutely paramount to your data security. Our new backup solutions will give you the cover you need so that you will never have to worry again about whether or not your files are safe.
• Tailored solution for backing up your most important data at regular intervals or even your entire computer.

Risk Analysis
• Our risk management service will find any security vulnerabilities in your network or files.
• This program will find any username, password, credit or banking details that are unsecured, alerting you and us.
• This is absolutely vital if your business records customers’ finance details.