IN-STORE: $110, $132 or $150 per hour


Standard In-Store Service:

  • $110 per hour labour fee is offered to customers who bought their computer through us.
  • $110 per hour labour fee is also offered to Senior Card holders.
  • $132 per hour labour fee for computers bought elsewhere.


Prioritised In-Store Service

  • $150 per hour. Prioritised In-Store Service means your job "jumps the queue" and is the next one for our technicians to work on, as soon as there is space on one of their benches. This means less down-time for your urgent business or personal work.
This is what our awesome shop looks like when the vampires roam.(Twilight(... get it?.. Ha Twilight))

ON-SITE VISITS: $135 per hour

  • One of our friendly and efficient technicians will come to your business or home, to solve your IT problems.
  • On-site visits are particularly helpful for businesses so as to decrease down-time, and also for those who would rather not have the hassle of unpacking and setting back up, their computer. It is also the best way for our technicians to diagnose intermittent issues that don't happen in our shop, but happen at home / work.
  • Not only do we cover our local Murwillumbah and surrounding areas, we are also happy to drive as far south as Brunswick Heads…as far west as the back of the Tweed Valley…as far north as Currumbin…and of course everywhere in between including Tweed Heads.
  • For customers living more than 25 minutes from our store, travel is capped at $100 total. Eg. If a customer lives 30mins from us, then it would normally cost $132 return for travel without the price-cap, however this trip would be capped at $100.
  • On-Site visits are charged at a rate of $135 per hour.

 REMOTE Support: $132 or $150 per hour

  • Sometimes we don't even need to leave our shop, and you don't have to leave your business/home - some issues can be solved very quickly and easily over the phone by us safely accessing your computer from ours, "remotely"…with your permission via a generated password.
  • Once the session has ended, our access to your computer also ends…and no-one is able to access again unless you request another session at which time a new password is generated and given to us by you.
  • We use this remote support option frequently with businesses and home users - it is a very efficient alternative when an on-site or in-store visit is not required….and NO TRAVELING is needed.
  • A standard pre-booked remote support session is charged at a rate of $132 per hour (the same price as an in-store visit, but you don't have to leave your business/home). This means you call us and we book your job in at a mutually convenient time.
  • A prioritised remote support session is charged at a rate of $150 per hour (the same as our prioritised in-store service rate). This means that if your computer suddenly has major issues at work or while you're in the middle of urgent studies and you need our support immediately, simply call us and one of our technicians will start a remote access session with you immediately…or as soon as they have finished serving their customer at that time.



Whether bringing in your computer for us to work on in-store, or you've chosen an on-site visit or remote access session…please remember to (if at all possible) back-up your data before our technician starts working on your computer.

If your computer is showing signs of problems, it could fail completely whilst being worked on, and although the utmost care is always taken of your computer by our technicians, if you haven't backed it up before it comes into our shop (and if you haven't asked us to do a back-up in-store for you), you run the risk of losing data if your computer fails.

Doing regular back-ups is extremely important. If you're not sure how to do them, have a chat with our helpful technician and he can explain your options so you can keep your precious business/personal data safe.


If you're bringing your laptop in for in-store servicing, please remember to bring in your charger/power supply as well…even for a "quick job", because sometimes they take longer than expected…and some laptops have very unique chargers which we may not have spares of.


If you're bringing in your computer tower (aka "desktop"), you don't need to bring in any cables or leads, unless you think there is a related issue with your keyboard or mouse etc…then please bring them in, too.


Before you get us to work on your computer (whether it be in-store, on-site or via remote access), please remember to write down all the issues you're having with it, that you can think of. This saves our technicians time, and thus save you money.

Please also ensure you have any relevant passwords written down so you can hand or tell them to our helpful staff member if required.

Don't forget - if you bought your computer from us and it's outside of the Warranty period

we'll support you with a 10% discount on all labour fees for the life of that computer!

Of course, you also benefit from the peace-of-mind that our technicians

 have a total of over 50 years of IT experience and knowledge.

Not to mention our excellent, trusted customer service.