Turn your TV into a Computer!!!


  •  Would you like to turn your TV into a media station?
  •  Do you have a business or waiting area where you’d like to have advertising and information on-loop, on a11754934_932098003509463_2201818283932186543_o TV screen?
  •  Does your school / teaching facility need an easy-to-use mini-computer that fits in your pocket and works with any HDMI input TV / projector?
  •  Travelling, or just lounging around at home? Watch Netflix or Presto on the TV screen from the comfort of your armchair – no cables necessary when you team a “PC ON A STICK” with Logitech’s “Living-Room Keyboard” (K410) or “Wireless Touch Keyboard” (K400r) – a wireless keyboard / touch-pad (no separate mouse required).
  •  Organise your holiday photos from the comfort of your accommodation lounge, or create a slideshow at home, of your family and/or wedding photos – the “PC ON A STICK” has a Micro SD slot which will take up to 128GB…or it has a full size USB port which you can plug your external hard drive into (via a USB powered hub, into which you can plug other devices as well, eg. your wireless keyboard’s dongle, USB sticks etc.)
  • The LEADER “PC ON A STICK” is super-easy to use and has many applications. It’s as powerful as a tablet, but easier to transport and plugs into most TVs via an HDMI extension cable (included).

It’s only 11cm long x less than 4cm wide, and comes with:11253600_932098080176122_2194561305696780928_n

  •  a wall charger
  •  a standard USB charging cable
  • a 10cm HDMI extension cable so the STICK can safely hang from the TV
  •  a micro USB to USB adaptor = 2 full size USB ports
  •  a micro SD slot (up to 128GB)
  •  PC ON A STICK = $229
  •  Logitech wireless touch keyboard = $69.95
  •  Buy them together as a bundle = $280
  • If you don’t live locally, we can post them to you for just $15 postage and handling (via Australia Post or courier).
  • Contact us here, or call our shop for further enquiries – 02 6672 8300. Or, email your enquiry / order to karen@precisepcs.com.