Virus Removal

Malware Removal


Viruses are something that everyone knows about however most people don't know how they work or even that viruses are just a small part of the problem, that problem is malware.
What is malware?

Malware is at type of software that is designed to have a negative effect in some way, there are many types of malware.
Some malware which is called adware will display adds on your computer to create revenue for the person who created the malware.
Other malware will encrypt all the data on your computer so that the creator of the malware can then hold your data for ransom.
Some other malware steals personal information like credit cards and passwords.
Others disable hardware and software components on your computer preventing them from working properly.

You can avoid malware quite easily however sometimes even the best of us get an infection sometimes however here are some tips.

Don't click on clickbait (advertisement that says something is shocking or unbelievable)
Don't download movies, music or games illegally (Many of the sites which host such things distribute malware)
Adult websites (This does not apply to all but does apply to most Free websites)
Web advertisements and links that lead you away from legitimate sites like Facebook and Youtube
Installing new software (Many Malware Sites Redistribute legitimate software with malware)
Fishing (sites that look like another site to steal login information)
Scareware (pages designed to make you call someone for help so they can get your bank details)

Reminder: apple computers are not safe from malware