Why Buy From PRECISE PCs

PRECISE PCs goes the extra mile for our customers who put their trust and loyalty in us.

You can choose to buy from our major competitors, however don’t expect them to help you, should you have any issues with your computer after the sale has been made. You will usually be asked to take your computer back to the store from which you bought it, then it is sent away for testing…or the manufacturer will organise a courier to collect it, which means more waiting for you.

However, if you buy from PRECISE PCs, not only will you receive…

  • Excellent customer service

  • Excellent advice – matching the product to your needs (​from home use & gaming, to small business)

  • No hidden charges

  • The best possible price

  • Full warranties…

…you will also receive excellent POST-sale service and advice:

  • Call us as soon as you have any suspected issues and we will try to solve them over the phone.

  • Bring your computer in for over-the-counter advice/assistance.

  • If it needs to be booked in and worked on, your machine will receive PRIORITY service (skipping the general queue).

  • If your machine is within warranty, it won’t cost you anything at all.

  • If your machine is out of warrantly or it has an issue that’s not covered by the warranty, we will give you10% OFF our regular service/repair fee! See below for pricing details…

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