The Next Gaming Night Will be on the 11th of March 2017 From 5PM – 10PM

Precise PCs will be hosting LAN Nights at the shop after hours once again.
Unlike before we will not be proving hire computers so you will need to bring your own computer, monitor, keyboard,mouse, mouse pad and headphones. You will also be expected to have the required games purchased installed and updated before arriving. Remember this is a mixed age event so alcohol may be present, however excessive drinking or misbehaviour will result in your removal.

LAN NIGHT – 21/02/15 – Zelda Night

Lan Night – Zelda Night To celebrate the release of “The Legend of Zelda” in 1986 which was released in Japan on the Famicom Disk System. This LAN night will be Multi-Player Minecraft – Zelda Map What to Bring: Desktop/Notebook Headphones Keyboard/Mouse Monitor What to have installed BEFORE Lan: Minecraft (Non-Free) Team Fortress 2 (Free) Xonotic (Free) League of Legends (Free) Star Craft …

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Christmas Sale

This year were marking the first of many years to come with our new online shop, so were celebrating with 10% off everything we can possibly discount.

That’s 10% off all webcams, Video Cards, SSD’s, HDD’s, Speakers, Sound Cards, Mouse Pads, Motherboards, Monitors, Modems, RAM, Keyboards, Mouse, Internet Security, Fans and Bags when buying from our online store.

Lan Nights – 13th December 2014

End of Year Gaming Night   This lan night will be comprised of Four Games, however this time nothing will be set in stone. Games List: League of Draven Team Fortress 2 Star Craft 2 Minecraft ($26.95) – Thats right!! I said Minecraft!!!!          

Gaming Nights

GAMING NIGHTS v 2.0 Martin has had a LOT of very enthusiastic interest from customers, so we have set the date for our first night. There will be a very limited number of computers suitable for gaming, for hire – $10 for the night. First-in-best dressed – pre-booking would be best. Gaming Nights will now be held approximately fortnightly, …

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